Food safety and salubrity training program, Food Handlers


Food safety and sanitation training is regulated and mandatory. It covers most food establishments, although some are exempt.

Food handler training (6 hours) is intended for for these people:
– Cooks in all food handling establishments

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Skills targeted by the training

Handle food in a way that maintains its quality and safety:

  • Acknowledge responsibility for food handling and food safety
  • Apply best practices and meet food handling requirements.


Content of the training

Food preservation temperature

  • Work methods to avoid food contamination
  • General hygiene principles applicable to anyone who comes in contact with food or food contact materials or equipment
  • Procedures for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting materials and equipment
  • Environmental sources of food contamination
  • Microbiological, physical and chemical hazards related to food hygiene and safety
  • Food provenance
  • Food labeling



The passing grade on the exam is 60% and the Good Food Safety and Hygiene Practices Guide is allowed on the exam. The exam lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

If you fail the exam, you may request a retest within 90 days of the date you receive notice of your failure.


Training certificate

MAPAQ will send you a training certificate by mail, in the weeks following the successful completion of the exam. Note that the certificate belongs to the holder.


Course Management Policy

  1. Uploaded documents are automatically sent after the order to the email box provided by the customer. For mail orders, please allow a maximum of 10 business days.
  2. Certificates are issued under the following conditions:
    – The additional training exercises have been completed and corrected to the satisfaction of the trainer;
    – The fees have been paid in full.
  3.  Any questions regarding a training can be addressed by email at any time, or by phone, during office hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. A response will be provided as soon as possible. Collect calls are accepted.
  4. Attestations are sent by MAPAQ to the client’s address only. Forméduc makes no commitment to send certificates to the Coordinating Offices or any of the client’s employers.
  5. No refunds are given for distance learning.
  6. All prices include handling fees, when applicable.
  7. Prices are subject to change without notice.