Sleep well to grow well


This training explores the mechanisms of sleep, deals with various problems encountered by both parents and educators and proposes solutions to help children acquire healthy sleep habits.

Duration of the training: 6 hours, including 2 hours on child development, 2 hours on the educational program and 2 hours on child health.




  • Here is an overview of the content of this training:The importance of sleep
    Sleep, an essential need
    The effects of sleep deprivation on children
    Is there a link between lack of sleep and hyperactivity?
    Sleep needs, different needs for everyone
    How to determine sleep needs?
    What happens when we sleep?
    Sleep cycles and phases
    Melatonin and the effects of light on the biological clock
    What about the time change?
    Sleep routines
    Techniques to try when bedtime is difficult
    Is napping responsible for a child’s refusal to go to bed at night?
    What to do when the parent asks to cut the nap?
    Problems that can occur during sleep
    Nocturnal enuresis
    Nightmares and night terrors
    Snoring and sleep apnea
    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)